Abandoned Hotel

There is an abandoned hotel high up on a cliff near the temple the boys and I frequent and every time I drove past it I would wonder how the hell I could get there. There didn’t seem to be any roads leading to it, but finally yesterday, after almost two hours of driving around and some serious reconnaissance work on Cole’s part, we figured it out.

Abandoned Hotel, No Model Lady

The last time we explored an abandoned hotel it was a high-rise and heights upset me, so this one was much better. Instead of one large building, there were several smaller structures built in more of a traditional Japanese fashion.  Also, unlike the last hotel, this one was full of spiders. Not in every building, but the more overgrown the structure, the more banana spiders it contained.

Abandoned Hotel, No Model Lady

Anyway, the story behind this particular hotel is that in the 1970’s a wealthy businessman built it despite warnings from the locals that it was too close to several sacred burial sites. After a series of mysterious occurrences and unexplained accidents during construction, the site was abandoned and the owner went crazy and is still in a psychiatric hospital today.

Is it haunted? I don’t think so. Although it had the eerily hallow atmosphere that many long-abandoned structures seem to possess, I didn’t get a sense that angry spirits wandered its halls.Plus, it’s been like 50 years.  I’m sure they’re over it. They’re spirits. They can go anywhere. They can possess people.  Why would they hang around rattling chains? Where would they even get chains?


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