Sticks and Stones

My son falls a little bit in love with every teacher he has.  He’s always looked forward to school because of his amazing educators, each as eager to teach as he is to learn. He adores them for their intelligence, patience and willingness to answer his many, many questions. Thus, the end of the school year always ushers in a period of mourning during which he comes to terms with the fact that he’ll likely never see them again. 

Today we completed the bittersweet task of crafting a parting gift for Ms. M.  Aidin wanted to give her something meaningful, so we delved into his extensive shell/rock collection and managed to create something pretty lovely.

And Ms. M, if you’re reading this, thanks for being so wonderful to my son. Thanks for talking to him about rocks and plants and books. Thanks for letting him text you pictures of his cats and responding with enthusiasm and genuine interest (or really, really convincing feigned interest…either way). Thanks for being the reason he never felt lonely at school and always came home safe and happy.

For all this and much more, we think you are wonderful.

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