Forgotten Places

Abandoned Places, Okinawa, Japan, No Model Lady

Abandoned Hotel, Japan, No Model Lady

I passed this hotel months ago and finally visited it this weekend. It’s on the other side of the island and sits high on a cliff overlooking the sea, gaping black holes exposing its ruin. A few tattered curtains still hang in the windows, though there is no glass and most hardware is long gone.  It is eerily quiet and nature has begun the reclamation process, obscuring the entire first floor from view. I walked up crumbling stairs with no guardrails until I got dizzy and nauseous and had to retreat. I wandered in and out of empty rooms covered in garish graffiti and littered with broken beer bottles and debris. Birds nested in hot tubs and mice made homes in marble columns. It was very surreal but hauntingly beautiful.   If you’re in Okinawa you can find a list of abandoned (some rumored to be haunted) places here.



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