Wedding Toast

My little sister is getting married tomorrow (today here in Japan), across the world from me. Since I can’t be there I wrote a short toast to be read at her reception and thought I’d share it on this, her big day!

For Emily,

One thing newlyweds hear far too often is, “You’re in the honeymoon phase. Just wait until the novelty wears off.” This suggests that the very love that brought you together will soon wane. The truth is that love, real love, is no novelty. It will not fade or grow old. It cannot be lost or broken by time, distance or circumstances. Even in the face of death, love lives on. Routines will develop, but don’t view that familiarity as boring or mundane. It is this closeness that breeds the intimacy necessary to keep your love safe.

There will be so much happiness, laughter, and triumph in your marriage, but heartache, turmoil, and pain are an inevitable and unavoidable part of life. In these moments of darkness remember that love is not a promise of safe passage but a guarantee that you will never be alone on the journey. And marriage is such an amazing, insane, wonderful journey!

Love is not a novelty but a great novel. And this is just the beginning.

So much love and congratulations to you, my sweet, beautiful sister.
With you always,

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