Lifestyle / Relationships

Lies People Tell About Love & Lust

'The third lie is that romantic love’s implicit promise is effortless lust. The notion that if you love someone desire will always be there was the hardest lie to uncover. " Read more here.

Marriage / Military

Yellow Ribbons & Quiet Fears

"Where deployments are concerned, the blessing of time is in its passing. Gradually what seemed overwhelming becomes bearable, then almost normal."  Read more here.

Politics / 2016 Election

Tell It Like It Is

"The good old days.  That’s what Trump promises by way of systematically dismantling the progress previous presidents have made.  Because Trump, like many Americans, didn’t ever really view these laws or policies as progress, but rather, a liberal agenda." Read more here.

Lifestyle / Friendship

The Tender Mercy of a Dead Friendship

"She wanted information and secrets and she listened like she loved me but I didn't realize that I had become the subject of her conversations.  That once they left my lips my stories and experiences were hers to share." Read more here.

Feminism / Mentorship

International Women's Day

"Creativity and brilliance do not recognize gender. By shutting women out of your organization, you’re limiting the pool of talent from which you could be drawing from. Supporting diversity in all its forms will only increase productivity, encourage innovation and enhance communication." Read more here.

Industry / SEO

10 Common Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

" Keeping up with modern marketing techniques is crucial to the success of your business. "Read more here.

Sugar Heart Magazine

Sugar Heart Pinup Magazine Editorials, Interviews & Layout Design, proceeds to benefit Pinups For Pitbulls.

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Print Material

Various print marketing materials for industry events.

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DIY series included paper banners, gold foil gifts & home state artwork.

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